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BlinkenLEDsPro is the fusion of BlinkenLEDs and GEM. BlinkenLEDs was one of the first 144 pixel Blinkenlights reproduction boards. Therefore it did not have the possibility to create grey-scales, as these were not used during the original first installation. Later the GEM board was developped. The GEM board and a linux-kernel module made it possible to enable grey-scale use in BlinkenLEDs. BlinkenLEDsPro now combines these two boards. In Windows they can be steered using for example BlinkenPlayerExxtreme or BlinkenTool. Alas only without grey-scale support, because someone has to write a Windows-software that takes over the work of the linux kernel module. Volunteers are welcome to put themselves forward on our Forum or on our Mailinglist. In Linux one can use for example the original Blinkenlights-Software blccc (Blinkenlights Chaos Control Center) in combination with the kernel module. With blccc you can also stream Blinkenlightsmovies to and from a Windows-Machine. There are innumerable other ways of feeding your BlinkenLEDsPro and of course a phone (or Phone-simulation software) can be used to play those all time favorite games Pong, Retris and XXO. It can also be used as a Clock, Winampanalyzer or as a News-, Weather-, Statusdisplay. In case of questions and/or problems you'll always have Premiumsupport of the BlinkenArea.

BlinkenLEDsPro Prices

Label Description Price
BA-BLP-001 BlinkenLEDsPro PCB 163 x 135 mm (drilled with blue solderstop) 13,00¤
BA-BLP-002 BlinkenLEDsPro PCB with all parts (without LEDs) 29,00¤
BA-BLP-003 BlinkenLEDsPro PCB with all parts and 150 LEDs (red, green, yellow) 39,00¤
BA-NTS Power supply unit 12,00¤
BA-D-SUB 1,8 m D-SUB Connection cable 01,50¤

BlinkenLEDsPro Part list

Amount Description Type Name
1x power connector 200mil CON1
1x SUB-D connector 25pin male CON2
1x resistor 1/8W 100 R18
1x resistor 1/8W 1k R19
2x resistor 1/8W 2K7 R20 R21
18x 8 resistor array (9 pin) 560 R0-R17
21x ceramic capacitor 100nF C0-C17 C19-C21
1x electrolytic capacitor 2200uF C18
1x transistor BC547 T1
18x shift register 74HC4094 IC0-IC17
18x sockets for 74HC4094 IC0-IC17
1x timer chip NE555/LM555 IC18
144x LED 5mm 2 mA DY0X0-DY7X17


Blinkstroem Advanced consists of a single PCB, incorporating all components: Power supply, Microcontroller (Atmega16), SD/MMC slot and 144 LED's. SD- and MMC Cards are used for data storage. To make simple and fast updating of the movies on the card possible, the graphics data is read directly from a Fat16 Filesystem on the card. Furthermore 8 grey tones are shown, making it possible to play even Blinkenlights reloaded movies. The grey tones are being generated using pulse width modulation. As the brightness of the LED's is not linear to the palpation relationship, the pulse width modulation is not generated linear to the brightness. Herewith a somewhat even brightness-distribution of the grey tones has been realized on cost of the maximum number of grey tones.

BlinkstroemAdvanced Pricelist

Label Description Price
BA-BSA-001 Blinkstroem Advanced PCB 95 x 73 mm (drilled with blue solderstop) with all parts and 150 amber SMD LEDs 34,00¤
BA-NTU Power supply unit(1,5 - 12V 500 mA, unstable) 3,50¤
Note: You need a Secure Digital or Multi Media Card for Blinkstroem Advanced.

Blinkstroem Advanced Part list

Amount Description Designation Type
8x BC847 Q2-Q9 BC 847C SMD
18x BC857 Q10-Q27 BC 857C SMD
18x 2k 1206 R27-R44 SMD 1/4W 2,0K
8x 1k5 0805 R1-R8 SMD-0805 1,50K
8x 220R 1206 R16-R23 SMD-1206 220R
2x 2 Drahtbrücken L1,L2
1x 7805LSMD U$146 µA 7805
1x 22 uF Panasonic D C12 SMD ELKO 22/16
3x 10 uF Panasonic B C8-C10 SMD ELKO 10/16
1x 100 uF Panasonic E C4 SMD ELKO 100/16
5x 100nF 0805 C3, C5-C7, C11 X7R-G0805 100N
2x 22pF 0603 C1,C2 NPO-G0603 22P
1x 2k2 0805 R45 SMD-0805 2,20K
4x 1k 0805 R9-R11,R15 SMD-0805 1,00k
3x 2k 0805 R12-R14 SMD-0805 2,00k
2x 10k-1206 R24,R25 SMD 1/4W 10,0k
2x 1N4001 MELF D1,D2 SMD 1N4001
1x SD Socket U$145 4302618
1x Quarz 16 MHZ Q1 16-HC49U-S


ARCADEmini is a standalone Blinkenlights Arcade reproduction with 520 pixels. Normally the movies are loaded from a compact-flash-card, but it is also possible to connect the ARCADEmini to a computer (Linux or Windows) using USB. Besides movies you can also load games onto the ARCADEmini and for example play Pacman using two SNES-controllers.

ArcadeMini Prices

Label Description Price
BA-AM-001 ARCADEMini PCB (drilled with green solderstop) complete mounted with connection cables and resistors for LEDs 89,00¤
BA-AM-002 ARCADEMini PCB complete mounted with connection cables, resistors for LEDs and 520 LEDs (red, green, yellow) 119,00¤
BA-AM-002 ARCADEMini PCB complete mounted with connection cables, resistors for LEDs and 1040 LEDs (red, green, yellow) 145,00¤
BA-NTU Power supply unit(1,5 - 12V 500 mA, unstable) 3,50¤
Note: You need a Compact Flash Card for ARCADEMini.

-- STephanKambor - 16 Dec 2005


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